Get your domain!

The kö domain is my present to all people who's family name is Köppel. It is a rather uncommon name in Germany, but nevertheless enough people catched nice domains like and even the IDNs kö

I think this is fairly unfair for people who's name is köppel. Therefore I offer anybody who's called Köppel an own subdomain like yourPreName.kö and email accounts like yourName@kö plus the listing on this top level entry page like above.

I don't want to make money with this idea, so the service is basically for free or for an optional donation. Leave me a message!

Technical Details

The kö domain is administrated by United Domains. As far as I see, I can create infinite real (not only wildcard) subdomains. Alternatively, currently all wildcard domains match this server, so I can easily setup some simple HTTP redirection. Concerning real webhosting just ask me (I'm about to move with this domain to a new server, anyway).

Mail Exchange for kö is also currently dispatched by this server. Simple mail redirections can be easily archived, for more complex solutions just ask me.

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